Five Ways an Embedded Team Can Help Your Organization Level Up


July 31, 2022

June 8, 2023

When it comes to augmenting your staff to meet your project’s needs, not all staffing solutions are created equal.

Simply throwing bodies at a project, whether via permanent hire or temporary contractors from an IT staffing agency, isn’t the magic bullet some think it is.

If adding more personnel to a project isn’t the right fix, then what is?

Adding the right personnel - in the form of an embedded team – is the answer we think you’re looking for.

What Are Embedded Teams?

Embedded teams are groups of highly skilled professionals hired by an organization to collaborate and work with your internal team on a project. Embedded teams can be as small as two people and ramp up from there. They may work remotely or on-site with the rest of the in-house team.

Embedded teams are experienced at coming into projects and quickly getting up to speed so that their work can have a near immediate impact. Members of embedded teams are also knowledgeable about the importance of collaboration, have stellar communication skills, and, more often than not, an exceptional bedside manner. All excellent skills to possess when starting on new projects and interfacing with in-house team members.

Now that you know what an embedded team is, let’s discuss five ways why hiring one may be the smart move for your organization.

1). Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

In most cases, embedded teams can start on a project and hit the ground running a lot faster than permanent hires or other staffing solutions that require a more formal onboarding process. But quickly hiring your team is just the beginning of the efficiencies you can tap into when employing an embedded team. Other benefits include a deep understanding of a project’s objectives and requirements, project scalability, knowledge retention and continuity, and the comforting knowledge that comes from knowing that your embedded team is dedicated to the project and will be key contributors until the job is finished.

2). Expertise + Experience

DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, business analysts, project managers, software engineers, copywriters and other subject matter experts comprise the ranks of digital aged, embedded teams. These team members are not only highly proficient and experienced in their own fields of expertise but also comfortable working and sharing their knowledge with each other and the in-house team.  And because embedded team members have already been vetted and verified by Matic Digital, they can be deployed rapidly and efficiently.

3). Collaborative at Heart

Embedded teams are skilled collaborators who will work closely with your team to successfully complete a project’s objectives. They will do this by communicating with the in-house team every step of the way, fostering a mutual synergy, and ensuring that there is consistent alignment between the team’s efforts and the project’s stated goals at all times. This level of collaboration and integration only encourages more of it, allowing for real-time feedback, efficient decision-making, an easy flow of information, and quick problem-solving, all while avoiding the turf wars and communication gaps that can sometimes plague other projects.

4). Project Flexibility

Stuff happens. Sometimes, a project’s overall objectives and deliverables change. With embedded teams, additional members and skill sets can be added to the project and the overall project length can be extended relatively easily. And because an embedded team is already in place, new members will be able to be more quickly brought up to speed, making the successful navigation of the project’s bumps in the road a lot smoother.

5). Cost Effective

Embedded teams can save you a lot of Benjamins. Indeed, hiring an embedded team with specialized expertise may prove to be a more cost-effective solution than developing those capabilities internally. Instead of permanent hires, embed UX/UI designers, software engineers, or content creators who have already been vetted by Matic Digital into your in-house teams. This built-in scalability allows embedded teams to expand or contract depending on a project’s needs and the overall objectives of the client, saving you time and money as you pay for only what you need, when you need it.

Long story short— You have initiatives to tackle and a product to ship. You need a skilled team dedicated to your goals. Inquire now to set up a brief discovery with Julianne Streff, Head of Talent for Matic Digital, to kickstart your team’s potential.

Curious which roles we support? Here’s a few benchmark roles, but don’t hesitate to inquire about your need!

  • UX/UI Designers
  • Visual/Brand Creatives
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Leadership
  • Content Creators