How to find and onboard talent - fast


July 31, 2022

September 21, 2022

Team Pairing leverages a scalable pool of on-shore, experienced and supported practitioners that plug and play in a shifting workforce

For any employer, the tech talent shortage is front-of-mind. A recent Gartner study revealed that IT executives see that shortage as the most significant barrier to emerging technology and its adoption. With no signs of a shift on the horizon — the demand for blockchain developers grows by 517% each yearthe need to find dependable, experienced, and immediate talent is more critical than ever.

For companies looking to launch short- and long-term projects, this means rethinking what the hiring process looks like — especially regarding developers, UX/UI designers, marketers, and strategists.

The constraints of standard contract work

Tech layoffs are on the rise (and they suck), opening up a deep pool of freelance opportunities for talent and companies alike. Unfortunately, while many organizations are increasingly moving toward freelance contract work to meet their needs, issues continue to surface. The most common headaches for organizations include:

  1. Time: Time is money and lots of money is spent finding the right contractor. From posting jobs to reviewing candidate portfolios to interviewing, skills testing, and budget negotiation — only to have to often start the process over again and again — hiring freelance talent is a colossal, time-consuming process.
  2. Fit: You come across the perfect portfolio. The interview goes well. But, ultimately, the talent you bring on board just isn’t a good fit. Whether it’s a personality clash, a lack of communication, or an inability to attend critical morning meetings, all talent acquisition runs the risk of bringing on board the wrong person for the gig.
  3. Quality: They might have the right skills on paper, but what happens when the product doesn’t meet your high standards?

Rather than compound these frustrations or rely on the constraint of recruiters, organizations must think outside the box for solutions that meet project needs without compromise. Matic’s Team Pairing model offers a solution for companies looking to pivot to a more innovative approach to project success. By leveraging our on-shore, heavily vetted, and practitioner-supported teams to your internal staff, Team Pairing delivers a scalable strategy to fill the talent shortage faced by organizations everywhere.

Think about it like this: We…

Tap into our Matic Teams Network to add one of our highly vetted and talented pool of individuals.  

Save valuable  time hunting and interviewing candidates. Matic will work diligently to understand your needs and present you with talent options that are dependable, experienced, and an ideal  fit for your project and company’s needs.  Provide options at scale. Need another UX designer? Or a copywriter to free up your marketing team’s time? Team Pairing meets your changing needs as the scope of your project expands. Onboard a single practitioner, a pod, or a full squad.

Support your engaged talent in the background with our Expert Liaisons. If someone isn’t a fit, we’ll work with you to address the situation or find an alternative without skipping a beat.

How is Team Pairing different from recruiting or staff augmentation?

Every practitioner on Matic Teams is here because they have or will work with us on studio projects - these people are OUR team. Behind the scenes, we support each and every practitioner, pod, or squad that joins your team. This means reviewing their progress, providing collaborative assistance, and setting them up for success — for their work and your project. In other words, we’re equally invested in the goals of both our team members and our clients. Because we believe that those goals are intrinsically tied Our Team Pairing model matches experienced industry talent to project deliverables in a way that standard staff augmentation or recruitment can’t.

With Team Pairing, you’re able to:

  • Alleviate risk, scale and reduce your talent supply chain, and engage the full backing of our Studio as needed.
  • No more long, drawn-out sourcing and interview processes — both your talent and your projects will thank you.
  • Get talent onboarded in under 2 weeks, in most cases.
  • Avoid painful layoffs - with Teams you can scale  up or down as needed.

Find the right talent for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our Team Pairing services, including practitioners in UI/UX design, web and app services, analytics, brand and creative, and Agile process management.