Matic Growth: New Head of Content Strategy, Joshua Wyrtzen


July 31, 2022

September 20, 2023

Matic is honored to count Joshua Wyrtzen as our Head of Content Strategy - a vital seat to fill! With a remarkable background in content & product strategy, copywriting and research, Joshua brings a wellspring of expertise and thought leadership to our digital transformation capability.

Originally from the heart of Texas and now residing in Connecticut, Joshua adds a unique flavor to our diverse team. A few things we’ve picked up on so far:


- Family
- Friends
- 2 Pups (Hemingway Bear and Don Vito)


- Playing music
- Painting
- Writing
- Reading
- Hiking
- Running
- Swimming


- Student in the art of Texas BBQ
- Carpentry
- High School Educator
- A love for apizza
- Hablo un poco de español et un peu de français

Skills & Approach:

Content strategy is about communication — listening, understanding, and collaborating; continuously discovering and embarking on the best path to shared success.

Copy as design — consider every syllable with every pixel so every word connects to every color, pattern, image, and experience.

Management — prioritize people above all; optimize everyone's unique skills, talents, perspectives, and contributions for every project.

Workshops — collaborative creativity needs structure, communication, and consistency; check our ego at the door, respect everyone else in the room, empower each other, open up to new ideas, and have fun.

Past Experiences:

- Pizza Hut
- Tag Heuer
- Caterpillar
- John Deere
- State Farm
- Momentous
- Rust-Oleum
- 3M
- Walmart
- PwC
- d.velop
- Phenology
- and more

Joshua is currently at the helm of a pivotal Travel sector engagement, infusing user empathy into the purchase flow. He is also steering Matic's Content, SEO, and SEM strategy while spearheading innovative thinking around Enterprise Design Systems for our valued clients. He contracted with Matic on several occasions prior to joining us full-time. We couldn’t be happier with our latest growth. Welcome to the team Joshua!