Break the Interview Cycle


July 31, 2022

November 21, 2022

Hiring is broken. Ditch the traditional hiring process with Team Pairing.

The news is loud and clear: the freelance revolution is here. Spurred at least in part by the pandemic, and more recently the wave of layoffs in tech, specialized talent is opting to take on work on a fully independent and contractual basis. And while companies rush to fill the gaps, a tight talent market continues to benefit freelancers.

With talent and clients meeting in the middle to make the transition to a freelance workspace, the hiring process has yet to catch up. For talent, the headaches pile up from the jump. Most commonly, we hear about the following pain points:

  1. Searching for the right fit: it’s time-consuming, applications are laborious, and a lack of transparency when it comes to rates is short of infuriating.
  2. Interviewing: How many rounds of interviews does it take to determine a good fit before having worked together? 4? 6?
  3. The gamble: Some companies promote flexible hours only to negotiate hours after the fact; others might feature nightmare personalities that you find impossible to work with.
  4. Consistent predicability: Invoicing, tracking, billing, getting paid - one of these is actually fun. All are necessary touch points between companies and independent talent, and all work better with consistency.

Clients also face a long list of headaches and wasted time when it comes to hiring freelance talent. Internal delays, competing with other companies for the same talent pool, and costly misfires if the candidate proves ultimately not to be a match.

So why hasn’t anyone taken the challenge to find a solution? It’s time to "break" hiring as we know it.

Team Pairing is our solution to a broken hiring process. At its core, Team Pairing is about taking out the middle man and building long-term relationships — for both independent practitioners and clients — that can be scaled up or down as needed. Matic pairs talent with project teams by first vetting both sides of the equation - engaging the right talent for the right clients.

We seek out and recognize independent specialists with deep-bench experience in across industry sectors. We know rates, past experiences, working preferences, and engagements practitioners will most enjoy and impact. When our clients need to grow their teams, we do the analysis and vetting first to make sure that it’s the right fit, considering soft skills, relevant experience, time-zones and way of working. Instead of going through a laborious application and interviewing process, Matic Teams synthesizes relevant experiences and skills via our profile model - empowering client teams to quickly recognize if there's a fit and schedule a call. We encourage client teams to keep the pre-engagement meetings to two - Matic talent is highly curated before profiles are sent.

In other words, we don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time. (Oh, and we also pay you on a frequent, predictable basis. No overdue invoices weeks or months after the fact.)

Clients and talent benefit from the support of an experienced agency. As projects take shape, clients can hire:

  • Players — A single practitioner
  • Pods — Teams of 2-6 practitioners 
  • Squads — Teams of 7 or more practitioners

  • The Matic Digital Studio — Full-service project based approach

Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, feel secure knowing that the Matic has your back. We stand by your work and ensure that meets are met for both talent and clients.  

It’s time to lean into productivity, efficient team scaling, and energized talent. Whether you are driving organizational goals for 2023, or independent talent looking to work with outstanding product and marketing teams, we’d love to talk. Get in touch or learn more.

Curious which roles we support? Here’s a few benchmark roles, but don’t hesitate to inquire about your skillset or need!

  • UX/UI Designers
  • Visual/Brand Creatives
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Leadership
  • Content Creators
  • Copywriters